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Conditions for Renting at differentba

Our apartments have been chosen by our team in the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires. All of them are furnished and fully equiped with crockery and household linen.
In most cases, reservations must be done for a rent period of minimum one week and maximum six months.
In case of an unforeseen event which might enable the customer to live in the hired apartment, DifferentBA will provide different solutions such as:
1. replace the customer in a similar apartment; or, 2. return the money paid as reservation. Reservations must be equal to the 20% of the price of the rent and can only be instrumented by a person of age. Payment of reservation can be done by wire transfer, bank deposit or cash. In the case in which the passenger decides to give up the reservation, the amount of money given for this aim would not be restituted, only in the case in which such reservation were cancelled 30 days previous to the arrival. In this case the 50% of the deposite for the reservation will be returned. (cost of delivery has to be discounted).
The settlement of the whole stay, the guaranty deposit and the expenditure done by DifferentBA must be cancelled at the moment of the contracts´ signature, when taking possession of the property. The amount given as deposit will be restituted as the contract comes to an end. In case of damages or absence of belongings, the customer must pay for them according to the price settled in the inventory attached to the contract.
The amount required as guaranty deposit is the following:
In the case in which the rent is less than two weeks, the guaranty deposit must be equivalent to the price of a week of rent.
In the case in which the rent oscillates between two weeks and a month, the guaranty deposit must be equivalent to the price of two weeks of rent.
In the case in which the rent is done for a month or more, the guaranty deposit must be equivalent to the price of a month of rent.
Rent contract can not be deferred in time, therefore, we advise our customers to assure the precise period of time in which they need to rent our property when making the decision of hiring. In the case in which a passenger needs to extend the period of rent, we suggest them to contact DifferentBA so as to inform of the extra period and, also, know if such property is still available. In such case, there will be a renewal of the original contract for the extra period.
In the case in which a customer needs or decides to shorten the period of rent, having already settled the total amount of it, DifferentBA does not return the money paid.
The checking-in is done in the apartment by the owner of the apartment together with a person of our office and the tenant, so as to show our customer the conditions in which the property is being handed in. We also help the tenant learn how to use facilities and also provide information regarding the neighborhood (places where to buy food, laundry, restaurants, entertainment, shopping malls, etc).
The checking-out is done by the owner of the apartment who verifies the correct and appropriate conditions of the unit, and, consequently returns to the tenant the sum used as guaranty deposit. At the same time, our customer returns the keys of the apartment to its owner.
Check-in time: 2 pm
Check-out time: 10 am
The price of the rent includes all services and taxes (municipal services and those belonging to the block of flats: light, gas, water, telephone) except in cases in which an exception has been specified in the original contract.
Usually, the price of the rent also includes housekeeping service per week, but, if the tenant requires a more frequent housekeeping service he must inform it in our offices, and, such has to be paid separately from the rent.
It is important to remember that dish-washing is not included and that hiring the housekeeping service does not exempt the tenant from the responsibility of returning the apartment in the same hygiene conditions in which it has been handed in.
The telephone service provided in our apartments consists of the following:

1- Control telephone line: Service which includes a limited credit for making local phone calls but does not limit receiving. This service is included in the price of the rent. In the case in which our customer wishes to make international or cellular phone calls, or extend the credit of the control telephone service, he must buy a prepaid telephone card.
2- Non-cost line: This service can only be instrumented buying a prepaid telephone card being able to receive and make all kind of telephone calls.

In order to have a pleasant and secure stay in Buenos Aires, we suggest customers to hire a traveller insurance service so as to be protected in case of an unexpected event.
Customers must provide DifferentBA the names of the people who will live temporarily in the apartment.
If more than the settled number of people were staying at the apartment, DifferentBA has the right of evicting them from the property.
As the customer hires DifferentBA services, he is accepting the terms and conditions, reservation and cancellation conditions stated by the company, and, therefore, obliged to fulfill them.
If the above mentioned were not accepted by the potential customer, we suggest not to hire our services.

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