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We are a team of people whose principal aim is to provide tourists a full and complete accommodation service in Buenos Aires. We realize the importance of finding comfortable, and centrally located while travelling. Our experience has showed us that having the accurate and comfortable accommodation when being far from one´s home is basic in order to enjoy the whole trip. As a consequence of the above mentioned matters, DifferentBA has been set up so as to offer tourists the best possible accommodation option during your stay in our city. Our main products are flats placed in the most important and exclusive neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires, fully equiped and, what is more, having the safest attention that DifferentBA can give you.
Another of our main objectives is to provide safety and personalized treatment to foreigners so as to make them feel as confortable as if they were in their own country and, therefore, making them have a feeling of belonging while visiting us.

DifferentBA also offer our customers tourist services so that you can visit our city in a complete and guided way. Tourists can hire several options of tours when planning to visit Buenos Aires. On the one hand, a cultural glance of our city having a great variety of routes and places to choose; or, on the other hand, "Getting to know a different Buenos Aires" which is a non-conventional touristic route in the city. In order to gather further information as regards tourism we invite you to surf our web page.
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